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A complete PSU modification guide for latest Node [N130] 

Own an older Node 2/2i? We have the complete modification guide for it too! Here you go: link

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  • Modifications void the product warranty.

  • Please do not attempt to modify the unit if you're not comfortable in electronics modification works

Tools Required

  • LHY Audio Node [130] PSU Kit

  • Phillips Screwdriver 

  • Long-nose Plyer

Step 1: Use a small flat screwdriver / finger nail to pull the Rear Metal Panel out from the chassis. It is magnetic, a pretty nice design. 

Step 2: Loosen the two screws. These screws are securing the Top Cover

Step 3: Lift the Top Cover gently with a bit of force to dismantle it. Please be mindful that there are cables attached to the Top Cover and Motherboad. Please do not pull them apart.

Step 4: Disconnect the two connectors on the mainboard

Step 5: Use a + Phillips Screwdriver to remove the two screws securing the SMPS module

Step 6: Remove the two screws holding the SMPS, and a screw at the rear panel holding the bracket, as well as two screws holding the AC inlet

Step 7: Place the bracket and 7 screws safely aside, we need them later. 

Step 8: Dismantle the SMPS from the chassis

Step 9: Locate the Back Panel of the PSU Kit, fit it to the PSU module

Step 10: Install the PSU module to the chassis, align it properly to the screw holes

Step 11: Use the two sets of screws & nuts provided in the PSU Kit to secure the Back Panel and Bluesound chassis wit the help of screwdriver & plyer

Step 12: Tighten the two screws to secure the PSU module

Step 13: Tighten the two screws to secure the PSU module and Bracket

Step 14: Tighten a screw at the rear panel to secure the bracket and the chassis

Step 15: Use the provided high quality jumper cables, connect it to the PSU module firmly

Step 16: Connect the other end of the jumper to the Bluesound mainboard socket firmly

Step 17: Assemble the Top Cover and Real Metal Panel back to the chassis carefully.


It's done. You have successfully installed the LHY Bluesound PSU Kit to the Bluesound Node :)


  • Q1: Can I use the stock power cord that come with the NODE to power up the NODE after the modification?

  • A1: No, you need a 5VDC Power Supply with DC Cable (5.5/2.1mm) to power up the NODE.

  • Q2:  Which 5VDC Power Supply can I use?

  • A2: You may use LHY Audio LPS25VA/5V Linear Power Supply.

  • Q3: The PSU Kit cost US$119/279. What is the different?

  • A3: The PSU Kit itself cost $119, it doesn't include the LHY Audio LPS25VA. You may opt for PSU Kit + LPS25VA Bundle at $279

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