LHY Audio BATT-1

Ultra-Low-Noise, Battery Powered DC5V/1.5A Power Supply for critical Audio equipment.  


Battery Power LPS

Clean power equates to the foundation of good sound quality - Audio enthusiasts know what. LHY Audio BATT-1 is a Battery Powered DC5V/1.5A Linear Power Supply for critical and sensitive audio equipment 

  • Designed and hand-built by highly skilled electronics crews by LHY Audio

  • Purpose built for High End Audio System

Large Battery Reserve 

The BATT-1 is spotted with four(4) large Panasonic made 3200mAH High Capacity Lithium-ion Batteries. At full charge, the LPS is capable to power up the load continuously for 4 Hours. 

Fret not, the BATT-1 can be charged and output clean, less than 1 uVrms of noise 5VDC, simultaneously for long hours usage. 


DC Charging Protection Circuitry

Filter Reservoir Capacitors

Linear Technology
High Performance Regulator

Industry Grade Panasonic Li-ion Battery

Filter Reservoir Capacitors


The BATT-1 is a perfect companion for low powered devices with DC power requirement of 5VDC and less than 1.5A current (max). 

List of Compatible Devices:

  • LHY Audio UBT-1

  • SMSL Sanskrit 10t DAC

  • Grace Design m900 DAC

  • etc

High Quality Aluminium Chassis

High Performance LT3042

Battery Powered

Protection Circuitry