LHY Audio SW-8

High quality 8-ports Network Switch housed in CNC Milled Aluminium Chassis, powered by Ultra-Low-Noise Linear Power Supply, Clock by OCXO (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator). 


LHY Audio SW-8

Based on Linksys LGS108 8-Port Business Desktop Gigabit Switch, LHY SW-8 is designed for critical audiophiles who seek refinement in Digital Music Streaming. 

  • Designed and hand-built by highly skilled electronics crews by LHY Audio

  • Purpose built for High End Audio System

  • Engineered by Audiophile for Audiophile

CNC Milled
Aluminum Block Chassis

The chassis of SW-8 is milled out of an Aluminium Block. Three(3) compartments spotted within the chassis to segregate the AC mains, DC regulators, and the Ethernet Switch main board.


High Speed DC Rectifier


Talema Encapsulated AC Transformer 

Multi-Stage LDO DC Power

High Precision OCXO

Linksys Business Grade 
Ethernet Switch

AC Mains EMI Noise Filter


Filtered AC Mains stepped down by an Encapsulated Tamale AC Transformer, Rectified DC further Regulated by Multi-stages of Low Drop Out (LDO) Regulators to supply Ultra-Low-Noise (<uV) to the OCXO, low level DC3.3V, DC1.2V for the Ethernet Switch. 

Replaced built-in crystal of LGS108 with High quality SC-CUT Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator with ultra low noise PLL circuitry

Unified Aluminium Block Chassis

Filtered AC Mains Power

Multi-Stage LDO DC Power

High Precision OCXO