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Record player
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First, it is a pleasure to get up and put a CD.

Sure, I would be glad to share my impressions, both on the CDT2 and also on the buying experience.

I have been buying CDs for almost 30 years now and when I tried to switch to streaming services due to a faulty CD player, I felt like something was missing in my listening experience. I enjoy having the physical media, read the booklet with the lyrics etc. I also feel I can be more focus when playing a CD since I have a tendency to browse for songs when streaming.

So I was suddenly on the market for a new CD player. And then I learned about the Jay’s Audio CDT2-MK3. The more I researched on this device the more I wanted it. But I was first afraid to buy a product that had to go through customs and that was subject to additional VAT (being localized in Europe). After contacting Alvin from Vinshine Audio, I learned that customs tax and VAT could be prepaid to simplify the shipping and delivery process so I finally decided to place my order. All the good comments online were 100% justified. Vinshine Audio and then Beatechnik were always very kind, replying super fast to my emails and removing the anxiety that can be present in such a purchase.

Finally I received the CDT2-MK3 in black. I think it is stunning in real life. The built quality is impressive. The remote is equally impressive. I have a modest system by hifi standard: integrated amplifier Hegel H120 and Boston VR2 speakers from 2004 but I already enjoy the arrival of the CDT2 in my system. First it is a pleasure to get up and put a CD. This step already involves me more in my listening experience. Then I immediately noticed an improvement in the dimensionality, the music has more depth. This is only the beginning as the burn-in is far from completed. In the meantime I keep buying new CDs :)

A big thank you to Alvin, Annie and Vincent,

Guillaume, France.

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