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Record player
  • Writer's pictureWeng Fai

LHY Bluesound Node PSU kit: Immediate improvement without any burnin and all that voodoo.

I can tell that the kit did huge improvement in terms of sound quality and it did it immediately without any burnin and all that voodoo.

I bet with good external DAC and Bluesound streamer with a kit, sound quality can even be superior to streamers cost much more, so I’m very happy.

In my system itself have very good DAC its Accuphase DP720 and Blusound connected to its input so CD and Streamer use same DAC and I can compare the sound coming from Bluesound with KIT installed and redbook CD which is the reference and the difference so small that I’m amazed. 

I can tell from my side that matching good and expensive power cord can make huge difference even further but for some people its not logical to spend on power cord 10 times more then on streamer itself. 

Credit: Alex from Israel.

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