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Record player
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Listening is such a gratifying experience again.

I have a collection of around 2300 CDs and a commitment to CDs.

“The more musical information you retrieve from the source, the better the sound”, Linn Records.

This is an axiom I have found Jay’s Audio CDT2-MK2 has excelled in, especially when I matched it with my BorderPatrol SE-I DAC.

The recordings lit up and I have had so much pleasure just listening. I have an intentionally simple system and they are all made in the US: Decware Super Zen Triode/SE84UFO, Decware ZROCK Bass Restoration box and Omega Compact Alnico Monitor speakers.

Jay’s Audio CD player starts the ball rolling up front and it is proudly made in China and they should be proud! Jay’s Audio CDT2-MK2 is connected directly into the BorderPatrol DAC then into the Decware ZROCK and finally into Super Zen Triode and yes, there is no preamp.

My system is a flea-powered system but as Dick Olsher says: the first watt is the most important watt. Jay’s Audio CD player starts it off with an accurate delivery of the recordings that reverberates through to the speakers.

Listening is such a gratifying experience again.

Thank you Alvin, you have created a gem.

Credit: Kevin D

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