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Record player

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Record player
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We have had the Jay’s Audio CDT2-MK2 for two month and what can we say almost speechless. The build quality is excellent and the sound is amazing.

But first in these day’s when more and more are streaming music why would you buy this CD- Transport, for me the answer is easy i have a huge cd collection and i wanted a cd-transport that will last for many years and it’s easy to change the mechanism in the future.

This Jay Audio is a very beautiful piece of engineering. The sound is big and airy and transparency is superb. There are lot of details that I never heard of before. Thank you very much we are so pleased with this player.

All you music lovers and audiophiles out there buy this one YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT.

My system contains of Denafrips Ares II (fantastic DAC), Pre Amp and Amp from Q-tron Swedish brand and speaker Caveman 8.

Credit: Mikael A.

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