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Record player



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Jay's Audio DAC2-MK3 R-2R DAC


The Jay's Audio DAC is a high-performance DAC designed to pair with the highly sought after CDT2-MK3 and any stereo digital source. The DAC core conversion module equipped with the latest flagship Soekris dam1941-12 R-2R D/A module with Jay's Audio tuned Discrete Analog Output Stage.



1. Proprietary AC Power Filtering, specifically tuned for DAC2-MK3

2. Four sets of high quality Talema encapsulated transformers are used to provide segregated low noise power supply to control/digital/analog sections.

3. Schottky Diode, Walt Jung Super Regulators with the combination of selected components, supplying high speed, linear, precision regulated DC power to the DAC board. Digital and Analog section of the power supply is completely isolated.

4. Boutique grade high quality components were used for sound tuning / voicing.

5. Discrete Output Stage - A truly transparent, discrete operational amplifier module.

6. Digital Inputs: USB, I2S, SPDIF BNC, RCA, XLR and Toslink

7. Modular design philosophy

8. Pure DAC / Preamp mode



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