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Record player


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Record player



In Stock:  Ready to ship within 2-3 business days.


Technical Highlight:

- CNC Milled Aluminum Chassis [Gun Metal Grey/Green]

- AC Incoming: High Quality IEC with Fuse & Switch
- AC Noise Filter: UK RIFA RFI Suppression Caps & Noise Filter     
- AC Transformer: High Quality Encapsulated Talema Transformer
- High Speed Rectifier 
- High Endurance Reservoir Caps
- Phillips 1% Precision Resistors
- Multistages DC/DC Power Supply low noise (lab measurable noise in the range of uV) for OCXO



- High quality SUPER SC-CUT Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator 

- Each OCXO are hand-picked measured at 10.000000MHz accuracy


What’s in the package:
1. LHY OCK-2 Master Clock Generator
2. Power cord


What’s not in the package:

1. BNC cables not included


Output Frequency: 10MHz

No. of Output: 6 x BNC

Frequency Accuracy: < 300ppb

Frequency Stability: < 50ppb

Output Level: >= 7dBm @ 50Rz

Output Waveform: Square Wave x 3, Sinewave x 3

Output Impedance: 50Ω / 75Ω (User-Configurable by using the DIP switch inside the device)

BNC Connector: 75Ω type, compatible with 50Ω

AC Mains: AC115 / 230V

Power Consumption: <20w

Dimension: 240W x 59H x175D (mm)

Weight: 2.5kg



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