80Watts Linear Power Supply

JAY'S AUDIO LPS25VA is the BEST SELLER since year 2014! Sold more than 300 units worldwide!


The LPS50VA / LPS80VA further improved the popular LPS25VA, bringing even better performance along with higher power rating. Let's feed the clean DC power to your audiophile equipment!


Highlight of the JAY'S AUDIO Ultra-Low Noise LPS80VA:
- AC Incoming: Schurter IEC with Switch
- AC Noise Filter: UK RIFA RFI Suppression Caps & Noise Filter     
- AC Transformer: Germany BLOCK Toroid 80VA w/ Fast Acting Fuse Protection
- High Speed Rectifier with RIFA 0.1uf Bypass Caps
- Rubycon Reservoir Caps
- Phillips 1% Precision Resistors
- Panasonic FC Decoupling Caps 
- Mexico Made Inductors
- Analog Device OP177 for Voltage Error Feedback Compensation
- Toshiba Pass Power Transistor
- Two Simultaneously Driven Voltage Output Jacks  
- Integrated Aluminium Heat-sink chassis, with 5mm thick (very) well designed front panel with Laser Marked texts


What’s in the package:
1. The LPS80VA itself with thick foam package
2. 0.8m long of DC5.5 - 2.1 mm cable x 1pcs
3. Power cord