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(Updated) A Journey with LPS80VA, Lumin PSU Kit, LPS50VA, LHY SW-10, and FMC from Beatechnik

(Updated) Here is my impression of FMC connected with LHY SW - 10.

I used a fiber optic cable to connect them together, and an ethernet cable from the router into the FMC. like this : Router->RJ45->LHY FMC->SFP->Fiber->SFP->SW-10 . That isolated the network completely and certainly improved the system's performance. So it took streaming to a new level! So very happy that I bought FMC. Highly recommended!

What an upgrade in sound quality buying the LPS80VA together with the Lumin PSU Kit . I also bought LPS50VA And Two of the superb LHY SW-10 switch from Beatechnik! And they are so service-minded to the customer. Highly recommend!!

Credit: Ola from Norway

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