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Record player
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A more lifelike perception of the voices

This is a photo of my system in the living room. I own a Buchardt A500, with an SBooster linear power supply, Isoacoustics Gaia ii, Ifi ipurifier 3, Singxer SU-6 and, lastly, the SW-8, all attached to a tv set and a MacBook Air as a Roon and media server.

When i got it in my hands (the LHY Audio SW-8) i was surprised by how hefty it was (in a good way!) and how beautiful the finish and the color were, definitely a quality item. The only thing i am not a fan of is the brightness of the blue led, hence the sticker i applied. As far as the sound is concerned, the changes i noticed are far smaller than those i experienced with the usb reclockers and a bit less than the footers, with the general impression being that of a more lifelike perception of the voices with a slightly clearer enunciation and more body behind them. I believe that if i had a treated room, or no giant tv between the speakers, or no front table in front of me, the differences would be even greater but i had to appease my upgradeitis(!) during the Christmas vacation and i have to share the room with the rest of the family so, no regrets there!

Best regards,

Nikos @ Greece

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