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Record player
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Biggest Improvement Was The Addition of The LPS-A6

I was one of the first to order the LPS-A6, but choose to upgrade my whole system (Denafrips Ares 12th-1, Iris 12th, SMSL AO 200 MKii) first with new power cables (Audioquest NGR-Y3, Supra Excalibur USB, Audioquest Carbon I2S, Mogami XLR's and an IFI lan silencer) to notice every time an improvement, but the biggest improvement was the addition of the LPS-A6.

It made the sound more open, voices more clear and more defined, bass more defined and a really surprise after so many people claimed that it wouldn't make or hardly make a difference in overall sound quality. Especially using the DMP-a6 as a streamer only. It probably depends on your system and ears, but the sound gives me goosebumps now and I'm very pleased with it. Highly recommended when you have some money to spend and want an even better sound quality. Have a nice day!

Credit: Oscar from The Hague (The Netherlands)

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