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Record player

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Record player
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CDT2-MK3 Unboxing

The CDT2-MK3 is shipped with double boxed, industrial-grade hard carton to ensure the CDT reaches you safely

Accessories box

  1. Glove

  2. Generic Power Cord

  3. Screw driver for the Remote Control. Remote Control needs two AAA batteries

  4. Spare Fuse 2A slow blow 5x20mm

  5. Remote Control

  6. CD Clamp

5 inches thick of protective foam

The CDT2-MK3 itself!

Display screen and disc lid are protected by non residue adhesive tape.

Built like a tank! Sexy isn't it :)

Slide the disc lid open, remove the protective foams on the laser mechanism

Insert a disc, put on the CD clamp to spin the silver disc

Enjoy the music!

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