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Record player
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CDT2-MK3 Upgrade Kit - Improvements in Soundstage, Instrument Separation and Overall Clarity.

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Hi Weng

Thanks for your mail. I would be delighted if you used my system on your website (we audiophiles love to show our systems off as you know). Also any of my comments are yours to use.

Also I would like to congratulate you on, hands down, the best customer experience I have ever had.

My decision to purchase a Jay's Audio cd transport was based on excellent advice from Alvin at Vinshine, as was my decision to buy the upgrade kit. Alvin is always incredibly helpful.

Having purchased the kit, delivery was phenomenally fast with excellent tracking and communications, and the kit was generally very straightforward to fit. The email I received from Annie the day after delivery to check everything was OK was appreciated.

Apart from the functionality upgrades which are themselves worth the price of admission there are already improvements in soundstage, instrument separation and overall clarity.

I am a very happy customer indeed and want to thank Alvin and Beatechnik for your help.

Here are some pics. If you want different views let me know.

Credit: Jim from UK.

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