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Record player
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CDT3-MK3: The CDT3 won hands down

To accommodate and to maximize the performance of the CDT3-MK3, I bought a 2 shelf Quadraspire X Reference Signature rack to put on top of my DIY granite rack. And I made sure that the top shelf where I placed the transport is perfectly leveled. My C*C was placed on top of 3 isolation cones on a granite slab on the carpeted floor for the shoot out. We used only 1:1 Direct Chinese artists CDs, and the Proprius direct from the original tapes Cantate Domino. And we used the same Tara Labs The One power cord and the same Siltech Golden Eagle II G7 AES/EBU cable. The DAC is a Berkeley Audio Design Alpha Reference Series 2 with a T-Adler Hercules MKII power cord. A pair of Entec SW1 subwoofers and JBL 2405H supertweeters augmenting the Proac Response D25 speakers.

We played one track from Lily Chan's latest, Every Step You Take, on the C*C and then on the CDT3. The CDT3 won hands down. The CDT3 has more microdynamics and macrodynamics. It can resolve very low level treble details which was almost absent in the C*C. And yet it didn't sound 'edgy' nor harsh. The sound stage is also slightly deeper and wider and slightly more focused and more 3-dimensional. When playing tracks of the Cantate Domino, the organ sounded more authoritative and detailed than the C*C.  

The C*C sounded 'warmer' in every way. The C*C has a different sound signature but it is no slouch in it's own right. We played a few more tracks from a few more CDs, and the conclusion is the same. The only regret is that I have to find a new home for my C*C.

Enclosed please find a few photos of the equipment and the CDs.

Credit: Bill from Canada.

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