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Record player
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CDT3-MK3: I am a very happy customer!

First I say congratulations to Jays on making such an excellent transport. You have successfully supplanted the CEC TL2N in my system - no easy feat.

What caused me to purchase your unit was a recommendation by Ben Zwickel of Mojo Audio from whom I recently got an upgrade (rare hard to find Z chip and Lundahl nano crystal chokes) to my top of line Mystique X SE DAC - making it a Mystique X Z NC. He only had so many Z chips that he could find so it is very much a limited edition.

Anyway, the upgrade had me going wow! - beautiful! - the sound is so relaxed and natural. I was mesmerized. But I felt after some listens that it had my system veering a bit too far towards the Class A end of the spectrum.

To begin with, my Peak Consult X speakers lean in that direction and are bi-amped by two solid-state class A Belles SA-30’s with Belles VT-01 tube preamp. These were recommended to me by Peak as working very well with their speakers. You add to that the CEC smoothness and the DAC upgrade, and I felt a need for some more attack and definition to balance things out.

Enter your CDT3-MK3 and again I was uttering wow! as I listened to the more forward bell-like clarity of sound with no sense of sacrifice to the overall natural smoothness. I have reached the perfect balance I believe. Perhaps some CD’s suffer from the "curse of a system being too revealing” as one commenter stated on a website. But you can’t have it both ways.

So I am a very happy customer!

Credit: Victor from New York.

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