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Record player
  • Writer's pictureWeng Fai

CDT3-MK3: It is an outstanding CD transport that sounds beautiful

I bought the Jay's Audio CDT3-MK3. It is an outstanding CD transport that sounds beautiful! Great Build as well, overbuild I would say. Quite heavy and big, it feels like an amp. I knew the specs before purchase, but it feels even heavier when in person. Gerat customer support from Weng Fai (Beatechnik) via email, answered all my questions promptly and in details. Outstanding!

Shipping from China was extremely fast via FedEx. It literally only took three business days to arrive here in East Coast. Finally, the North America distributor for Jay's Audio, Todd at Tek Audio in Texas is a great guy to work with. Making the actual purchase & payment from the US very easy and convenient. Prompt communication as well. Overall, a very pleasant experience not only with the product itself, but also with the entire chain, from manufacturer to the distributor, and in between.

Credit: Thyname @ East Coast

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