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Record player
  • Writer's pictureWeng Fai

Don’t hesitate and do it!! I’m glad I did it.

It’s been about 7 days now since I installed the lhy psu kit for my node 2i from vinshine audio (author: it's actually Beatechnik ;p). I wanted to spend the money and upgrade my streamer to something much more. I figure I wasn’t ready to spend that much on a streamer yet n saw the lhy psu.

I decided to get it and wow what a difference. I heard more instrument separation, a much wider soundstage, vocals sound so crisp and real, tighter bass. I don’t feel the need to upgrade my streamer anymore as I’m very happy with the sound. If you are thinking of trying this for your node2i or node (N130), don’t hesitate and do it!! I’m glad I did it. Thanks to Alvin n the guys at Vinshine and Beatechnik for your help and suggestion

Credit: Conrad @ California

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