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Record player
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Embracing the Artisanal Sound of JAY'S AUDIO CDT3-MK3

As a preamble, I can say that this criticism is free, I am an individual, and my only criterion is only my subjectivity, with my musical tastes and my ears!

I saw the opinion of a person, who commented on the articles of the magazine Stereophile of May 2023, and said that he did not understand that an article was devoted to the CDT3-MK3, arguing that a Ma***tz player would be more legitimate.

I object to this view, the CDT3-MK3, which I now own, succeeding a Ma***tz SA-KI RUBY, is a successful device.

The Marantz is very well made, with attention to detail, in an industrial way, with proven and solid mechanics, and an excellent state-of-the-art dac. But there is a sound Marantz, which, although more difficult to perceive than a few years ago, is still present, sound colouring.

And as Michael Trey points out in his article, a general mechanic cannot do as well. Although a specific mechanic, that's fine as well in my opinion.

The CDT3-MK3 is very well made, but in another style, which I would call artisanal, in the noble sense, that is, the manufacturer, who, with his concrete experience, seeks to make the best possible product.

But, even though this device has that artisanal aspect, there is also technological knowledge, since the CDM-PRO2 mechanical management card is "in-house", and completely revised.

Regarding the aesthetics of the CDT3-MK3, this device is massive, heavy, with a very thick and especially high, it is necessary to provide space, especially since it is necessary to be able to insert the cd by the hatch on the top of the device.

This hatch is very well built, without play, I had some apprehensions, dispelled, the use in is enjoyable.

Using the reader is easy, with the control buttons on the front panel, and the remote ; This is in the same vein as the device, that is to say massive, very heavy, it is designed to be put on the table, for attentive use, it is not a "zapette" of television with maneuver all the way.

The display is very readable, very large, even too much for my taste, it clashes with that of my DAC Musical Fidelity M6 is the only bad point I find.

My listening system consists of the Musical Fidelity M6 DAC, a Cary CAD300SEI amplifier, of Spendor D9.2 loudspeakers, with acrolink cabling.

I mainly listen to New Tango, jazz, but I can also listen to rock and classical.

I have been to different concerts for a long time, and I am looking for a rendering that gives me the emotion of live. I am sensitive to the rendering of space, ventilation and stamps.

I have a good collection of vinyls and CDs, and I prefer materialized playback rather than digitize and read them with a computer or other, I have always been reluctant to this form of source, for me nothing is better than a physical medium.

My first source is analog, Musical Fidelity turntable, Lyra cartridge; She gives me all satisfaction.

I was frustrated that the M6 DAC, connected to the computer, came close to it while the readers tried so far have not convinced me.

In the late 1990s, 2 mid-range players were opposed, the Teac VRDS25 and the Marantz CD17. At the time I had the VRDS25, very good mechanics, its better for me than the Ma***tz, with excellent spatialization.

But the JAY'S AUDIO CDT3-MK3 changes the situation, and proves to be of a very high level of listening satisfaction. The sound is analog, The soundstage is excellent, the timbres are good reproduced and it has very good dynamics.

Finally a player, which, like my vinyl turntable, has the effect, the day after listening, of leave in the head the memory of the music listened to!

Listening, this reader has potential, we do not feel any limit, except for the associated links, which must be so choose perfectly.

For my part my quest will stop with this reader.

Just a word about my buying experience:

For Europe, go through Beatechnik Pte Ltd | Singapore

I exchanged emails with Mr. Weng Fai Hoh, who listened to me, answered all my questions and the purchase went very well, no worries, fast delivery with tracking, the reader was perfectly excited to arrive in France.

So a big thank you to Beatechnik, to Mr. Weng Fai Hoh

Credit: Laurent from France

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