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Follow Up: Do you need 'Audiophile Ethernet Switch'

Updated: Jan 19, 2023


Previously, we discussed briefly on how an Ethernet Switch works. Have not read it yet? Here you go: link here

So, you ask: "Does the Audiophile Ethernet Switch really make a different?"

It may, or, it may not.

We are not here to discuss the sound quality, we shall leave the sound quality discussion to the users and professional reviewers. Instead, our primary role here is to provide you with the useful information on how you may incorporate the Audiophile Ethernet Switch(s) in a Hi-Fi System. We will also touch on some of the technical aspects like SFP, Fiber Optic, Media Converter, etc.

Here are some of the use-cases of the 'Audiophile Ethernet Switch'. In these examples, LHY Audio SW-10 is used to illustrate several interesting applications that might be of interest to you.

LHY Audio SW-10 is high performance, exceptional built quality - Ethernet Switch with 8x RJ45 LAN Ports, 2x SFP Ports, 2x BNC Master Clock In/Out.

Expand the lists below to learn more.

Typical Home Network with Streamer for Audio (click to expand)

Typically, a Home Network comprises of the following components:

- ONT/Modem from Internet Service Provider (ISP)

- Wifi Router to route the Internet Service to the Home Network

- Devices connected to the network, i.e. Laptop, Desktop, Smartphones. These devices connected to the Home Network via Wifi or hard-wire Ethernet Cable

And of course, our beloved audio equipment, Digital Audio Streamer(s)

How to install an Audiophile Ethernet Switch to the Home Network

How about SFP? How to use it?

LAN/FO Media Converter + Audiophile Switch with Fiber Optic SFP

Daisy Chain Two Audiophile Switches, Linked via Fiber Optic

Master Clock 10MHz Input / Output

Synchronise Master Clock with the Streamer

We have covered almost all the possible use-cases of how you may incorporate the Audiophile Ethernet Switch(s), in particular, the LHY Audio SW-10 in a Hi-Fi System.

Too much information to digest? No worry. You may always reach out to us, we are happy to help.

Now, come back to the topic, Do You Need 'Audiophile Ethernet Switch'? I will leave it to you to decide.


Team Vinshine Audio | Beatechnik


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