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Record player
  • Writer's pictureWeng Fai

Have not heard of Volumio Rivo? It's time to explore this wonderful master piece!

The Volumio Rivo had been settled for about 60 days and it had been serving me well. Upgraded streamer from i** z** which I thought was an awesome piece but Rivo has took me to another level in streaming.

The focus is on the overall music piece unlike some streamers where only vocal stands out. I am able to sit and enjoy every songs in my tidal list, sad to say, I didn't manage to enjoy it (fully) with i** z**.

Finally, am able to say goodbye to Fatigue, welcome Details and Clarity! Thanks to Volumio Rivo....and I believe this set will get to stay with me for a few good years. For those who have not heard of Volumio Rivo, it's time to explore this wonderful master piece and lastly, Volumio app is hassle-free, easy to use and install.

Recommended and 2 thumbs up!

Would like to add a point -

To my surprise, streaming tidal from Volumio App sounds better than Tidal direct.

Credit to Stephen Lee @ Singapore

PS: We have some exciting news! We are planning to have a home trial programme in Singapore soon! We would love your input, so please participate in the poll below and stay tuned for more updates.

Singapore Home Trial : Which Volumio Model Interests You?

  • Rivo

  • Primo

  • Integro

  • I want to buy!

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