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Heartwarming letter from our customer


(feel free to publish this as you see fit)

When buying high $ electronics from overseas, its always a worry what will happen if something goes wrong.

Here i am, with a 2 year old transport that's both out of warranty and no longer manufactured---and it broke. i had no idea what was wrong; all i knew was it wasn't working, and i bought it from you years ago.

a few weeks later after contacting you, its back, good as new.

worth noting: you could've tried to sell me a newer model. or you've could've ignored my request for help, leaving me with a $4,000 USD paper weight.

instead, you stepped up, BIG TIME, and fixed my transport, when a lesser man would have walked away or done what was best for him---instead, you did what was best for me (your loyal customer).

Thank you so much for your help in all this.

Ryan Coleman

Houston, Texas.

"Possessions are a way of turning money into problems."--Brian Eno

"We have art so that we shall not die of reality" --Nietzsche

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