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Record player
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I am a very happy customer.

For (a start), let me say that I have Terminator II, Gaia, and Jay's CDT2 and they sound fantastic! I am a very happy customer.

So today I connect the CDT2 via AES/EBU and my PC/USB to the Gaia and then HDMI I2S from Gaia to the T2 (the usual way). But since I listen to more CDs I wonder if I would get better results if I connected the CDT2 to the T2 with HDMI I2S and the the Gaia with RJ45 I2S? Normally I would just hook it up and listen, but I would need to buy a longer HDMI cable and a nice ethernet cable to make it work, so I'm asking your opinion first. I know when I got the Gaia it was a big improvement for both the USB and AES/EBU connections compared to straight in the T2.

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

James @ California, US

(Alvin: RJ45 i2s is extremely sensitive to cable length and the shielding of the RJ45 cable. Ideally, the RJ45 cable has to be as short as possible, i.e. <30cm.

You may give it a try if the length/space can be well managed. Otherwise, i'd think your current connection is fine.)

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