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Record player
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I compliments to the designer of the QStab :)

I did receive the QStab a few days ago, sooner than I expected. It was shipped from Germany.

I played a CD using it yesterday and I could swear I heard better focus and clarity.

I was playing Porcupine Tree 'Up the Downtair', which has a lot of very subtle sound

effects going on in the background. It's also very well recorded though not quite

'audiophile' grade.

I played it again today and switched from the QStab to the standard clamp and I

can say for sure there is a difference in the clarity. I don't know how else to describe it other than sharper focus and better resolution of detail.

I wasn't expected this improvement at all, so am very pleased :)

I compliments to the designer of the QStab :)

Special Thanks to Standley P @ Maryland, United States

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cason giovanni
cason giovanni
05 févr. 2022

grande jay's audio

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