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Record player

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Record player
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I've been really enjoying the player so far

I've been really enjoying the player so far and look forward to it only getting better with break-in.

I intend to use the player in my living room system, but I'm waiting for the cabinet manufacturer to send me an extra shelf for it.

My living room system is the following:

  • McIntosh MC275vi

  • McIntosh C2700

  • McIntosh MT5

  • Lumin T2

  • DeVore O/96

  • REL S/510

In the meantime, I temporarily replaced my Accuphase player with the CDT in my family room system just to test and it sounds very good through the Venus II.

My family room system is the following:

  • Accuphase A-48

  • Accuphase C-2450

  • Accuphase DP-430

  • Auralic Aries G1

  • Denafrips Venus II

  • Sonus Faber Elipsa

I'm hoping the CDT sounds just as good through the DAC in the McIntosh C2700. I'm very happy with both systems.

Paul A. @ USA

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