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Record player
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It oozes of quality.

I just received the Jay's cdt2 mk3 and could not be any more pleased. The packaging was as secure as anyone could make it and the attention to details, like providing gloves and a screwdriver to install the batteries in the remote, was a nice thoughtful touch.

The CD transport in silver looked flawless, extremely well finished in every way, like the silky smooth sliding of the cd turntable cover. It oozes of quality. I hooked it up to the Gustard x26 pro DAC via the I2s connection and have only heard a handful of CDs so far without any break-in period. However, I can already observe better detailed treble, a wider soundstage with the sound going further outside of the speakers and a more layered 3 D effect. The bass is definitely not augmented but sharper, snappier. Anyhow I do have a well designed dedicated music room with excellent acoustics so those results are obviously enhanced by the room.

I also want to mention that you will be hard pressed to ever find somebody more communicative and helpful than Alvin at Vinshine audio who also handles Jay's audio. All this to say I can only highly recommend anyone who wants to upgrade their digital end to consider Alvin's products.

I also have the Denafrips Ares II DAC but moved it to my secondary system since I wanted a DAC with remote control abilities on my main system like the Gustard. Bottom line is there is a ton of value to these chinese made digital products. I could not be more pleased even so my analog end is made mainly of USA products like the VPI Classic TT and PS Audio stellar phono preamp.

I can't wait to hear the Jay's after a few hundred hours.

Pierre T., Texas.

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