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Record player

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Record player
  • Writer's pictureJay's Audio took only few seconds to realize how wrong I was!

I use CDs from the day they entered into our life and I must admit that in the last years, with digital formats focus shifted to files and streaming. The various components of my system were constantly upgraded but I kept using my old CD players that have digital outputs, assuming that being these digital outputs their impact on the sound is the least significant, if at all.

Yesterday I received and connected the Jay’s Audio transporter to my Terminator and it took only few seconds to realize how wrong I was! Had I knew that this will be the impact I would probably get this transporter years ago!

I won’t go into a detailed description of the sound here but will just conclude all by saying that the picture was not complete without it, and now it is! BIG TIME...

Ze’ev @ PureAudioProject

World Renowned Loudspeakers Manufacturer

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