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LHY Audio SW-6 SFP 'Audiophile Ethernet Switch'


Previously, we discussed briefly on how an Ethernet Switch works. Have not read it yet? Here you go: link here

So, you ask: "Does the Audiophile Ethernet Switch really make a different?"

It may, or, it may not.

Our purpose in this conversation is not to analyze the sound quality. Evaluating sound quality is better suited for users and expert reviewers. Instead, our main focus is to offer valuable guidance on integrating Audiophile Ethernet Switches into a Hi-Fi System. We will also delve into technical elements such as SFP, Fiber Optic, Media Converter, and more.

In January 2023, we introduced the LHY Audio SW-10, which swiftly captured significant attention in the market among discerning audiophiles who are dedicated to enhancing their digital front-end experiences. LHY Audio SW-10 is high performance, exceptional built quality - Ethernet Switch with 8x RJ45 LAN Ports, 2x SFP Ports, 2x BNC Master Clock In/Out.

Simultaneously, we were inundated with multiple appeals for a switch that would bridge the gap between the SW-8 and SW-10 models. Collating and carefully considering this feedback, we embarked on an extensive development journey, resulting in the creation of the LHY Audio SW-6 SFP. This exceptional ethernet switch boasts a highly sought after SFP port, an isolated RJ45 port, and even houses an OCXO for enhanced precision.

Here are a few use cases for the LHY Audio SW-6 SFP Audiophile Ethernet Switch. These examples are intended to showcase various intriguing applications that could capture your interest.

Expand the lists below to learn more.

Standard Home Network Setup with Audio Streamer (click to view more details)

In a typical scenario, a Home Network consists of the following key components:

  • Optical Network Terminal (ONT) or Modem provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP)

  • Wireless Router responsible for directing the Internet service throughout the Home Network

  • Various devices linked to the network, such as laptops, desktops, and smartphones. These devices establish connections either through wireless Wi-Fi connections or physical Ethernet cables.

Additionally, the cherished audio equipment—Digital Audio Streamer(s)—forms an integral part of this network.

How to set up an Audiophile Ethernet Switch to the Home Network

Wait, what about the ISOLATED PORT on the SW-6?

What about SFP? How can it be utilized?

Ethernet-to-Fiber Media Converter in conjunction with Audiophile Switch using Fiber Optic SFP

Create a daisy chain connection between two Audiophile Switches, establishing a link through Fiber Optic connectivity.

Master Clock 10MHz Input

We've explored nearly all conceivable scenarios for integrating the Audiophile Ethernet Switches, particularly the LHY Audio SW-6 SFP, into a Hi-Fi System.

Feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of information? No need to be concerned. You're always welcome to reach out to us; we're here to provide assistance.

Now, circling back to the main question—Do You Require an 'Audiophile Ethernet Switch'? The decision rests with you.


Team Beatechnik


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04 sept 2023


Why not having a 10Mhz output instead when the clock inside is so precise?

What is the difference between the normal ethernet filters that is in all switches an that port on this switch?

Me gusta
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