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LHY Bluesound Node PSU Kit: A Story of Musical Transformation and Lifelong Loyalty

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Dear Weng Fai,

I would be honored to have my rig, such that it is, on your website. I am a retired musician about two years in to hifi, from powered speakers (Klipsch the Fives) to consumer entry-level integrated with passive speakers, to a better consumer AVR with a dedicated power amp and better speakers. Then I noticed the Denafrips products on YouTube and purchased an Ares II. I was amazed, and my next acquisitions in short order were a Denafrips Hestia pre and Hyperion power amp. I would be running the new Arces streamer now if it were not for the lack of native Tidal; Roon is just a bit too complex for me at this point, so I will wait until Tidal direct is available. I am very happy with everything I have obtained from Denafrips/LHY.

My rig,

Apple TV 4K

Geshelli Labs J2 DAC (for TV)

Fluance RT85 tt

Schitt Mani II phono stage

Bluesound Node N130 streamer with the Beatechnik linear power kit

Bowers & Wilkins 705 S2 mains

SVS SB3000 sub

humble as it is compared to a lot of audiophile systems, needs all the help I can give it, including good natural light to look its best. It looks like the sun won’t be out here in Chicago for the next week. I will definitely take some pics when better lighting is available and pass them on to you. I will review Vinshine Audio on Google as soon as I sort out how exactly to do it. If it is possible I would love to get an 8x10 (autographed?) from Alvin. I would be delighted to frame it for my listening room.

Thank you again for all the top-notch audio gear and great customer service you provide at Vinshine. You definitely have a lifetime customer here in Chicago, and I will continue to tout the excellent standards you exemplify at Vinshine.

Credit: Billy from Chicago

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