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LHY Bluesound Node PSU Kit: A Story of Musical Transformation and Lifelong Loyalty

Updated: 6 days ago

Dear Weng Fai,

I would be honored to have my rig, such that it is, on your website. I am a retired musician about two years in to hifi, from powered speakers (Klipsch the Fives) to consumer entry-level integrated with passive speakers, to a better consumer AVR with a dedicated power amp and better speakers. Then I noticed the Denafrips products on YouTube and purchased an Ares II. I was amazed, and my next acquisitions in short order were a Denafrips Hestia pre and Hyperion power amp. I would be running the new Arces streamer now if it were not for the lack of native Tidal; Roon is just a bit too complex for me at this point, so I will wait until Tidal direct is available. I am very happy with everything I have obtained from Denafrips/LHY.

My rig,

Apple TV 4K

Geshelli Labs J2 DAC (for TV)

Fluance RT85 tt

Schitt Mani II phono stage

Bluesound Node N130 streamer with the Beatechnik linear power kit

Denafrips Ares II DAC

Denafrips Hestia preamp

Denafrips Hyperion power amp

Bowers & Wilkins 705 S2 mains

SVS SB3000 sub

humble as it is compared to a lot of audiophile systems, needs all the help I can give it, including good natural light to look its best. It looks like the sun won’t be out here in Chicago for the next week. I will definitely take some pics when better lighting is available and pass them on to you. I will review Vinshine Audio on Google as soon as I sort out how exactly to do it. If it is possible I would love to get an 8x10 (autographed?) from Alvin. I would be delighted to frame it for my listening room.

Thank you again for all the top-notch audio gear and great customer service you provide at Vinshine. You definitely have a lifetime customer here in Chicago, and I will continue to tout the excellent standards you exemplify at Vinshine.

Credit: Billy from Chicago

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