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Record player
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LHY Bluesound Node PSU Kit: Become Engrossed In Listening To Music

Equipment used..

  • LHY linear power supply and internal board for Bluesound Node N130.

  • Marantz SA8005 SACD player as external DAC.

  • Cyrus Pre DAC with PSX-R2 power supply.

  • Quad QSP power amp feeding Castle Howard S3 loudspeakers.

This Hi-Fi system is very resolving and easily shows up differences in sources and any changes or upgrades made to these sources.

The Bluesound Node N130 is a lovely streamer so what, if any, differences are there after installing the LHY linear power supply?

It took a couple of days for the power supply to settle in and for the capacitors in the units to fully form. After this “burn in” period there were (for me) significant improvements to the stock Node sound….

Better imaging in the sound stage and blacker background for the music to appear in.

I noticed that individual instruments were reproduced with more colours available in their particular tonal sound. For example, the Viola in a string quartet had greater character and resonance and its deeper, “woodier” sound compared to the violin was more apparent in the sound stage.

So there’s greater contrast and subtlety in the sound, more width and depth, more energy and dynamic range and more “space” for the music to play in.

The music then becomes very enjoyable and immersive and after a while I forget about how much better the Node is performing with the LHY linear power supply and become engrossed in listening to music…which, for me, is what hi-fi is all about.

Excellent build quality, outstanding communication and service. I was kept informed and updated regularly about the despatch and delivery of my order and it arrived in just a few days and earlier than scheduled.

I’ve included pictures of the original internal board and the upgraded components.

Highly delighted with my purchase. Excellent value.

Credit: Bryan from UK

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