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Record player
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LHY Network Switch "SW8" can be your missing link

As a music lover on the analog and also digital side you always looking for improvement. My music buddies and I end up after all these years more on the analog side and speaker wise at the horn/ full-range speaker corner.

Of course we were person who grow up with the CD era but beside the better dynamic specs and the the dust free situation you end up with the knowledge, digital sounds not natural even the specs telling you the different. Better player over the years like Linn Karik or Lector CDP7 brought the music more up front. When we start with streaming everybody told you - "oh no moving parts anymore" which will improve the the music performance. Finally if you go this way you have to deal with other problems. Only to point on one - cabling.

Today my digital system existing out of Aqua Acoustic "La Scala" DAC + Auralic Aries with Linear Power Supply from Paul Hynes "SR4" + Audioquest Network Cable "Vodka" and my single NAS Synology "DS115".

Now that system sound not bad but as others figure out the natural side needs still improvement. Many of us know the importance of clean/ good power supplies but the timing problem is obviously also one key point to get rid of the digital hardness.

So coming to the end of my digital story - with the replacement of my standard Netgear Network Switch with the SW8 the sounds improved in every aspect. Now comes words as: more headroom, wider sound stage, more details and pleasant to enjoy your music over long term sessions.


If you have already improved your digital system in many aspects the LHY Network Switch "SW8" can be your missing link to move forward and so you can enjoy your music in the more natural way.

If you consider to purchase this switch as me from Beatechnik directly - I can say this will be a trouble free process - clear communication, fast response, safe and easy shipping process via Fedex.

Tips & observations:

  • Give the switch some time to settle down and warm up in your system - do not switch off for best performance.

  • Good power cable connection is always necessary - find your hot wire location by listing - your will pick it up easily.

  • The unit is build like a "rock", not black or grey metal - more green.

Best regards from North Germany - Enjoy your music - Markus.

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