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(Updated) SW-10: Transforming Your Streaming Chain with Audiophile Excellence

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

My streaming chain is simple. I use an Orbi satellite with a 2-meter ethernet cable connection with the Euphony Summus 2 streamer. From there I use a Shunyata Omega USB cable connecting to the PS Audio Directstream MK2 DAC. Both the USB cable and the MK2 DAC have made significant improvements. So, I thought the network switch should not make much difference. But I wanted to give LHY SW-10 a try because I know my streaming sound quality is not as good as my CD playback yet.

Is LHY SW-10 improving my streaming chain? After one day in the system, it becomes obvious the SW-10 is an excellent audiophile network switch. With it in the streaming chain, at first, it sounded a bit better. But at the 30-hour mark, something changed. The streaming SQ suddenly reveals more details than ever. The soundstage is deep with great separation, and the bass goes lower and tighter. At this point I was using the ethernet connection. But it also has a fiber optic connection that I want to compare.

How good is SW-10 using the fiber optic connection? My PS Audio SACD transport (PST) playing SACD was always sounding much better than the sound from Euphony Summus2 streamer. With SW-10 inserted, the sound quality has approached the level of SACD! Now streaming sounds more analog-like than SACD, and the resolution/detail is approaching the level of SACD.

I could not think of another gear I bought that made as much improvement as the LHY SW-10 in the comparable price range.

By the way, the people at Beatechnik are very professional too. I can recommend them heartly.

(Updated) Recently I upgraded the streamer to a Lumin U2, and the combination of SW-10 and U2 with the fiber optic link is MAGIC😀

Credit: Donald @ California

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Donald Chang
Donald Chang
Jul 04, 2023

Recently I upgraded the streamer to a Lumin U2, and the combination of SW-10 and U2 with the fiber optic link is MAGIC😀

Weng Fai
Weng Fai
Jul 05, 2023
Replying to

I'm thrilled to hear that your Lumin U2 has finally arrived and that the SW-10 is serving you well! 😊 It's always a great feeling when a long-awaited product arrives and meets your expectations.

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