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LHY SW-6: Does it have a downside?

LHY SW-6 Was curious to try the fiber connection on my (Lumin X1) streamer and the SW-6 seemed worth to try. Also because the price is not sky high like some other options I was looking at. And not to forget the good response from LHY/Weng Fai Hoh on my queries.

The order process was seamless, used the incl. VAT option for EU and no hidden costs where charged and delivery was within 2 weeks including customs, Chapeau!

Packaging was solid and after unboxing I found the switch itself was even more solid. Very well build and nice finish.

So does it make difference? After installing the LHY-SW6 which replaced a EE Switch 8 (+ Chord Shawline Streaming cable), and thus moving from copper to fiber (and moving from the standard switching power supply to the build in LPS in the LHY) I experienced a more detailed and natural sound. Oh my, this was better than expected!

NB: the LHY is fed through a Puritan PSM 156 power conditioner and is connected with a Airtech power cord that I had as spare for a worthy device. Fiber used is standard/non expensive 10Gtek single mode SFP modules and fiber patch cable.

Does it have a down side? It sounds better, looks better, build is solid and has the LPS build in, love it. The only thing I can think of is the blue light on the front shining at me, put a small Elefant in front to solve that.

To conclude, for me it’s an amazing device and very happy with my LHY SW-6. Thanks LHY!

Credit: An “Anwo” Wo from Netherlands.

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