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Record player
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LHY SW-8 | Frankly I'm surprised with the improvement.

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful product. Even out of the box (I received the SW-8 yesterday) I noticed quite an improvement in sound quality i.e. better focus, smoother, better defined bass and midrange, treble not as bright or splashy.

Frankly I'm surprised with the improvement. Much better than I anticipated. I didn't think an Ethernet switch could make so much difference whether streaming online from Qobuz or locally from my NAS.

I watched your videos recently regarding the SW-8 and SW-10 and enjoyed your honesty regarding whether switches are worth it or not. I can appreciate that because I have witnessed systems where I couldn't hear an improvement with an audiophile switch and others, like mine, where it's readily noticeable even to non-audiophiles. I must have a fairly busy and noisy home network!

Credit: Paul C. @ Canada

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