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Updated: Dec 11, 2023

We brought back the EU VAT Prepaid Option, for you

We received countless requests from the existing and potential customers who live in the EU, wanted to have the option to prepay the import duties and taxes so that they do not have to deal with the customs clearance and related matters.

In shipping term (incoterms), it is called DDP - Delivered Duty Paid, where the package will be delivered to your doorstep without any additional charges.

Yes, we used to offer this option in the past, it works pretty well. The only downside is that it takes a longer time for the package to deliver due to the processing time needed. Typically, it takes about 18-20 days from the ship date to delivery.

It is not all the customers can tolerate such a long shipping duration. At some point, we decided to drop this option for good.

However! After several conversations with the customers living in the EU, it seems not having the EU VAT prepaid option is a showstopper for some, especially so for customers who do not have experience to import the products from outside of the EU.

Please be assured that Beatechnik is here to provide a solution. We decided to bring back the EU VAT Prepaid option to solve this puzzle.

To you, as a customers who live in the EU, it is as if the product is shipped within the EU after the package is cleared from the customs. The courier crew will deliver the package to your doorstep, you do not need to pay additional charges on top of what you have paid when placing the order.

All packages shipped are fully insured - for peace of mind.

We hope it is a good news for you.

Team Beatechnik wishes you all the very best, health and joy.

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