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LPS-A6: Low-level detail has been enhanced

I purchased the Beatechnik LPS-A6 linear power supply for my Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition, which arrived 2 days ago and was installed yesterday. This product addresses the only real complaint I had about the Master Edition, which is that it comes with the same low-noise switching power supply as the regular model.

Installation instructions were very easy to follow. When removing the 13 hex screws, however, I found one of them to be stuck. The factory had installed that screw at a slight angle, and it got worn out while attempting to loosen it.

Fortunately, I know the owner of a local electronics repair shop who took care of the problem right away. One of his technicians removed the screw in under 5 minutes, but the screw had to be discarded. I've since replaced it with a similar screw I had in my tool drawer.

Other than this, the installation process was completely smooth and rather enjoyable. I've documented some of the steps in the accompanying photos.

So how does the new power supply sound? I've only listened to 12 tracks so far, but it seemed to me right away that low-level detail has been enhanced. I define 'low-level detail' as all of those subtle background and ambient sounds that impart texture and realism. These details create a richer and fuller ambiance.

On the objective front, the LPS-A6 is very well built, weighs more than the original, and fits perfectly within the chassis.

Associated Equipment:

1. Schiit Jotunheim headphone amp and line-level preamp

2. Schiit Gjallarhorn amplifier, but this is not currently in use (not a good match for my Revel Performa stand-mount speakers)

3. Revel Performa stand-mount speakers (Stereophile Class A rated many years ago if I recall correctly)

4. Ali Express "GZLOZONE" NAP250 MOD 80W+80W power amp with separate power supply (these things sound magnificent)

Credit: Khurram from San Jose

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