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LPS-A6: No-Brainer Upgrade For A6.

Just installed the Beatechnik LPS for A6.

I’m using the Eversolo A6 as a transport to Denafrips Pontus, so I thought the changes might only be marginal.

I was pleasantly shocked to hear the huge improvement in overall presentation,

The music is more calm & relaxed (minus. Specs the edginess), has more texture to the mids, and overall music has more layering.

The highs are fully extended (LPS did a good job removing some of the harshness) so there’s no fatigue, & the bass ..more meaty & tout. Overall I would say the LPS is a no-brainer upgrade for A6.

Special thx to Weng Fai of Beatechnik who followed up on my LPS shipping and kept me posted throughout.

Excellent service from the team

Credit: Edmund from Singapore.

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