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Record player
  • Writer's pictureWeng Fai

LPS-A6: "THANK YOU" for selling such a great product!

I want you to know that I received my LPS-A6 this afternoon!

I am very appreciative to you and Weng for shipping it to me.

For your information, it took me about 2 1/2 hours to install the LPS-A6 because I went very slowly. I didn't want to make a mistake. What really helped me was looking at your youTube video.

The hardest part of the installation was getting the LPS-A6 to sit on the 4 insulation rings. It took me a long time because the rings were always falling off. Otherwise, everything was fairly easy.

I am very happy with the LPS-A6 because:

1. The sound stage seems bigger.

2. The musical instruments are cleaner.

3. The sound is deeper and richer.

4. The music separation is better.

"THANK YOU" for selling such a great product!

Because of your company, I am always excited to listen to music every day!

Credit: Allan from California.

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