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Record player
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LPS-A6: This upgrade and player rocks!

My Review: If you want to hear the full potential of the DMP-A6 ME, Upgrade to the Beatechnik LPS-A6! Do Not Hesitate!

For those who cling to measurements, theories of snake oil and voodoo and do not value listening to music but analyzing math and data, this review is not for you, and your comments are not appreciated.​

I made the big leap and upgraded my Master Edition this weekend.

My system is made of: Eversolo DMP-A6 ME, Parasound Halo P6 Preamilifier, Gold Note PA-10 Amplifier, Telurium Q Black II XLR Cables and Speaker Cables, Network Switch has an ifi Linear PS, and the network is optically isolated from the home network, Roon is served from a Mac Mini M2.

All components use IsoAcoustics Orea isolation with Butcher Block Acoustics Platform below my turntable.

My analog enjoyment is a Technics SL-1500C turntable upgraded with Ortofon Bronze Cartridge and a Gold Note PA-5 Phono Preamp

Speakers care of KEF, the LS50's and KUBE 10 Subwoofer.

I use Bass Management from the Halo P6, I am not a purist. 2.1 is a major leap.

I love listening to well presented music, Vinyl and Digital. When I turned on the A6 ME with the LPS upgrade, after 2 hours of listening prior to the upgrade, I was simply blown away! This is a significant upgrade indeed.

The bass is tighter, more detailed, the sound stage opened wider and deeper. I felt the highs are not as sharp prior to the upgrade.

I now have a 100 hours of burnin and 20 + hours of listening behind me and there is no turning back. This upgrade and player rocks!

If you want to hear the true and full potential of the A6 ME, do not hesitate to upgrade.

Finally, I have two external LPS upgrades on my previous digital setup so many enjoyable hours with LPS upgrades and the refinement of digital music presentation.

Credit: Oliver from Oakville

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