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LPS-A6: Unleashing Audio Nirvana

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Here's my thoughts on the LPS-A6 below. See attached picture for my current setup.

Hello. I was sooo hoping that Beatechnik would offer a linear power supply for the eversolo DMP-A6 (Standard Edition in my case) that I reached out a few months back asking if something was in the works. They, of course couldn't divulge any information until it was fully developed and tested. Still, I hoped that they would. The day I got the email saying that one was available, I pre-ordered it within 15 minutes knowing the enormous audible improvements their linear power supplied had provided in the past for my Lumin U2 mini and my Bluesound Node.

I received it as promised in the middle of October. I received a shipment notification on a Saturday and received it early that next Monday! Everything was packed well. Installation was a very simple and only took me about 20 minutes. The hardest part was keeping the little white spacers in place while placing the new LPS on them. It took two attempts, but I got it.

Immediately I noticed a difference. The background was quieter, the sound stage was more expansive. The soundstage went farther in every direction. The 'body' of an acoustic guitar had a new realism that I hadn't heard before. The human voice had fullness that wasn't there previously. Percussion seemed to have more drive and attack. Highs were airy and resolving without any hint of digital haze. I can't imaging a better sounding streamer for under $3000. It certainly was better than my Lumin U2 mini and of course the Bluesound Node by a mile.

Digital audio has come so far in the last 10 years. I put away my Linn turntable about a year ago and have had no desire to mess with vinyl since having the DMP-A6 and my Pontus II DAC.

My system consists of:

-eversolo DMP-A6 with LPS connected with a Audioquest Coffee USB cable.

-Denafrips Pontus II with the latest firmware running in OS mode.

-Classe CP-700 preamplifier.

-Classe CA-2200 power amplifier.

-Mirage M3si speakers.

-Martin Logan Depth subwoofer.

-Audioquest Niagara 1200 power conditioner.

-All Audioquest power and interconnect cables.

Credit: Ed from Detroit, MI USA

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Louis Sparks
Louis Sparks
Nov 20, 2023

would you be doing a new lps for master a6 now that there is an A8

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