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Record player
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No buyer’s remorse here…

I thought I would send to you a few comments regarding my experience thus far with my Jay’s Audio CDT2-MK3…this fine and pleasing component and “motus operandi” of my music playback!

Vinshine, (Jay’s Audio, Beatechnik ) purchase experience is excellent and packaging/shipping/delivery is very good.

The CDT2-MK3 I find to be tangibly substantial in build quality and it’s presence in my system is securing. It’s operation is utterly silent, the beautiful blue OLED numeric display is quite aesthetically satisfying, and the front panel button interface as well as the remote operate responsively and reliably. My I2s connection with my HoloMayKTE DAC has been entirely glitchless from the start, and I find the pairing of the transport and DAC to be completely complementary and supportive of each other’s strengths, rendering all the audiophile sonic goodies in abundance as a source for my headphone system.

It would seem to me (albeit based upon my rather cursory understanding of digital playback) that the OCXO clock within plays a strong role in excavating detail, drilling down on timbre to reveal it with accuracy and heart, and rendering rhythmic and timing aspects of the music with such speed and finesse when called upon.

No buyer’s remorse here…just satisfaction everyday when I play the silver and gold discs in my Jay’s black beauty! The CDT2-MK3 with a comparable performance level DAC makes just about all CD’s sound good, and excellent CD’s (and there are lots of them out there !!) sound like really good analog, with some additional advantages and attributes digital disc spinning can provide.

Thank you Alvin!

Mark H. @ USA

System Details:

  • ZMF Vérité Ltd. Ziricote

  • ZMF Vérité Closed Ltd. Desert Ironwood

  • Norne Valkyrie silver cable

  • ZMF 2K Copper cable

  • Jay’s Audio CDT2 MK3 transport

  • Moshou 8K .5 meter HDMI (I2S)

  • Holoaudio May KTE DAC

  • Benchmark Studio&Stage StarQuad XLR (Canare L4E6S), 2 one meter pairs

  • Schiit Audio Lokius 6 band equalizer

  • Benchmark HPA4 headamp/preamp

  • PS Audio Transcendent Silver RCA, 2 one meter pairs

  • ZMF / AmpsandSound Pendant tube headphone amp

  • Marantz SA-10 SACD/CD player/ USB DAC

  • Black Cat Setsuna XLR one meter pair

  • Mapleshade Samson version 2 steel/brass/maple wood rack

  • Mapleshade brass Megafeet, Isoblocks, brass Heavyhats

  • Core Power Technologies Equi-Core 1000 balanced power conditioner

  • PS Audio, Core Power, Puritan, Harmonic Technology power cords

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1 Comment

Philly B
Philly B
Sep 21, 2022

I see you use a Marantz SA-10 SACD player which I compared against my Esoteric K01 and wound up selling that unit for the Marantz SA10. The Marantz design is unique, and I be curious to know what you felt the MkIII and HoloMay KTE was better and did you try the Marantz SA10 as a Transport for the KTE. Thanks!

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