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Record player

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Record player
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Overall satisfaction : 5/5

CDT2-MK3 is now feeding via SPDIF a Mytek Dac+. Tube Preamp is an Elekit TU-8500 (soon to be replaced by a Primaluna Evo 400).

Signal is processed by Pioneer D-23 active crossover. I am then bi-amping a pair of restored Diatone DS-A1 with a Luxman M-88u tube amp driving the tweeters and a pair of Trio l-07m ii fast monoblocks driving the mid/lows.

  1. Service : Excellent, quick response and accurate information providing.

  2. Order and delivery : super fast delivery (order was delivered in a couple of days to Tokyo). Very well packed.

  3. Product design : built like a tank, super premium looking. Quality of the material and overall build is really impressive.

  4. Sound quality : bit my previous SACD player (DENON DCD-SA1) for CD playback. Clearer highs and more refined mids and basses.

Overall satisfaction : 5/5

Cedric C. @ Japan

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