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RIVO: My Experience with the Volumio Rivo and LHY 5V Linear Power Supply

I purchased the Volumio Rivo and LHY 5 volt linear power supply from Beatechnik and wanted to write about my listening impressions. Firstly, let me say it's been a pleasure dealing with Beatechnik. The products were shipped quickly and arrived in a matter of days. Customer service is very prompt and they are very helpful and patient in answering any questions you have, including device set up. They definitely prioritize customer satisfaction.

I've been enjoying the Rivo for some time in my 2 channel system. There is a beauty in Rivo's elegant and simple design, features and operation. The Rivo was extremely easy and quick to set up. The LHY LPS is inexpensive, very well built, feels and looks solid, and works without any issues.

This is my first time using Volumio software. Volumio looks great and I'm finding it easy to navigate, with many options available for listening. The integration with Roon, Qobuz and Tidal has so far been flawless.

The Rivo streamer is a class act. I've really enjoyed listening to my system using the Rivo. The Rivo is able to stream music in a very balanced and precise way and it has brought a full, effortless and smooth music presentation to my system. Vocals and instruments are lifelike and natural, the soundstage is large, and imaging and instrument separation are accurate. I'm very impressed with the Rivo, and am very happy with my purchase. I definitely think the addition of the Rivo has noticeably improved the sound quality of my system.

I highly recommend the Rivo, the LHY power supply and Volumio software to anyone looking for an affordable, quality streamer to elevate the level of your audio system and bring further refinement to your listening experience.

Credit: James from NJ.

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