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Soundnews: SW-10: No single component has elevated the sound performance as significantly

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

We're excited to announce that our LHY SW-10 has been featured in Soundnews and truly our honour to receive the Gold Award!


Hearing is believing my friends and that’s why I ventured into this sonic realm. This is still black magic to me, how can a network switch improve the sound of my wired streamer? But the experience was truly transformative. I tried about four network switches in the last month and while LHY Audio’s SW-10 wasn’t at the very top, it was close to the unobtanium level switches that can cost you as much as an end-game DAC.

Check out the review to learn more about this innovative audiophile ethernet switch using the link below

Credit: Sandu Vitalie @ Soundnews

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