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SW-10 /Congratulations on this magnificent product

Hi Annie,

Yes, indeed I have received and had it set up. I must say that this switch is a well designed and built product. I am somewhat of a hifi OCD, if you know what I mean. I have two HP 2543 switches with custom implemented OCXOs connected via optical from my Nucleus Plus in order to filter out network noise. From the second HP2530 are connected two additional Melco S100s all via optical. All four switches are powered by Plixir's BDC linear PSs.

Now with the SW-10 in place after the last Melco S100, I have my network transport (Esoteric N03-T) and Melco N1Zs (NAS) hooked up to the SW-10. The SW-10 is synchronized via the clock input from my CH Precision T1 external clock. I think it is the external clock input that you have implemented in the design that is bringing about sonic improvements.

Congratulations on this magnificent product, I sense it will sell well in the market.

Which brings me to a few questions that I have been meaning to ask:

1. Is there a way to confirm that the switch is indeed utilizing the input signal as opposed to the internal OCXO (not that the internal clock is less than superb)?

Ans: The Amber LED at the rear indicate the status of Ext. MCLK input. The LED will lit once the External 10MHz Clock is connected to the SW-10.

2. Is there a way to disable the rear LEDs?

Ans: You may login to the SW-10 web interface to set the Rear LED

Thanks in advance. Attached is a pic of my system, unfortunately the switch is behind the ESS Rack on top of 4 Stillpoints Ultra 2s (w/ bases)

Mike @ Korea

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