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Record player
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SW-10: I think you hit the jackpot!

It came with my optical isolation bundle from Small green computer. I am using one of their unit with their LPS on the upside by the mesh extender and running the optical cable into the SW-10 right before the streamer.

I think you hit the jackpot with this unit if you can get the word out properly. I was waiting for the new etherregen to come out, but the added optical on your unit beats it. I have the Gustard C18 clock connected via the two square outputs to both the Gustard x26 pro and SW-10. My streamer is the Node 130 powered by Teddy Pardo LPS and hooked up to the x26 pro via Curious UBS cable which disables the Node clock and uses the x26 clock instead. But with the C18 running the x26 pro clock and the SW-10 clock, the whole streaming system is in identical clocking.

The results are improvements across every part of the sound. Nothing huge but in a revealing system and listening room like mine, clearly noticeable. And it seems to get better as time goes by. It took a few days for clocks to settle in if that makes any sense. Here is a couple picks of my system. Hope that helps.

Credit: Pierre from Texas.

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