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SW-8: Elevating Your Audio Experience with Premium Ethernet Switches

I purchased the LHY Audio SW-8 ethernet switch after watching Alvin Chee's video describing the features and specifications of the SW-8, and making a case for "audiophile" switches in one's audio system. I thought Alvin's video was an honest, balanced presentation. I also based my decision to purchase the switch on the YouTube review by iiWi Reviews.

I'm very happy and satisfied with my purchase. The SW-8 switch looks and feels great, and it's a premium, high quality component. The SW-8 switch is definitely an improvement over the more basic switch i was previously using. It's very well built and is very solid, and I'm very impressed by the quality of the upgraded parts, including the power supplies, transformer and crystal oscillator, and internal layout of the switch that LHY Audio used to build the switch.

I was not expecting a major improvement to the sound quality. Rather, I bought the switch to upgrade the quality and reliability of the ethernet in my system at a reasonable price point. The SW-8 switch is built to filter, reduce and eliminate incoming electrical noise, and to lower the noise floor. In this regard, I think the SW8 was a very worthwhile expense and a solid addition to my audio system.

I also want to give a big shout out to Beatechnik for their amazing customer service.The switch was shipped quickly, and was well packed. Beatechnik is very focused on providing a very personable and pleasant customer experience. They are always very helpful, friendly and responsive, and I highly recommend them!

Credit: James from NJ.

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