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Record player
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The audio quality was there all along

"A Jay’s Audio CDT2-MK3, bought-and-paid-for I must add, has been in my review system for over a year. It has re-kindled my own enthusiasm for the silver disc, causing me to scour the second hand CD market as well as buying new on-line, growing my collection by around 200 CDs in just the last 12 months, sometimes at the cost of as little as £3 or less per recording. The CDT3-MK3 is better than the ‘2 in every respect.

At twice the cost, it is more transparent, detailed, fluid, dynamically expressive and analogue-sounding than its less costly sibling.

Designers that have gone against prevailing wisdom and claimed that the Red Book CD has, in a sonic sense, still untapped potential have been laughed at. Don’t they know the future is hi-rez? Jay’s flagship transport proves that these brave folk were correct.

Fed with good quality recorded material, plain old Red Book CD gets within a gnat’s whisker of the kind of sonic results that we might associate with very much higher resolution playback. The audio quality was there all along. We just could not hear it."

Full Review: link here

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