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Record player
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The bluesound update has a better separation and more musical

Updated: Apr 12

My system is composed of various equipments designed trough various countries: Bryston amplifier (Canada), YBA pre amplifier and CD players(France), Proac speakers (UK) all having separated linear power supplies.

My streamer, I currently have the Bluesound node, I like a lot, (latest version)(Canada) and an external Dac (PS Audio first generation)(USA) since the external Dac is not decoding Tidal MQA selection I wanted to improve my sound quality. The bluesound was the weak point when I compared sound with my CD player YBA top model or turntable Project .

By upgrading the switching card from the original bluesound Node for the kit setup composed of a regulation card of 32 capacitors and the external linear power supply from LHY audio, We all were able to identify a better musicality and mostly be able to listen to the MQA from the internal DAC of the bluesound.

The bluesound update has a better separation and more musical. I don't know which external DAC with ( MQA) capacity would be worth upgrading at this time very happy without the external Dac?

Credit to Michel.F @ Canada

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