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The bluesound update has a better separation and more musical

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

My system is composed of various equipments designed trough various countries: Bryston amplifier (Canada), YBA pre amplifier and CD players(France), Proac speakers (UK) all having separated linear power supplies.

My streamer, I currently have the Bluesound node, I like a lot, (latest version)(Canada) and an external Dac (PS Audio first generation)(USA) since the external Dac is not decoding Tidal MQA selection I wanted to improve my sound quality. The bluesound was the weak point when I compared sound with my CD player YBA top model or turntable Project .

By upgrading the switching card from the original bluesound Node for the kit setup composed of a regulation card of 32 capacitors and the external linear power supply from LHY audio, We all were able to identify a better musicality and mostly be able to listen to the MQA from the internal DAC of the bluesound.

The bluesound update has a better separation and more musical. I don't know which external DAC with ( MQA) capacity would be worth upgrading at this time very happy without the external Dac?

Credit to Michel.F @ Canada

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Con Guting
Con Guting
Apr 15, 2023

I just got my psu. Do you just use one of the dc cable? Also there’s a + and - on the back of the power supply. which one do you use for one end to connect to the node?

Michel Filion
Michel Filion
Apr 18, 2023
Replying to

Thanks again for the great service and quick responses!Michel

As a summary you explained: The two cables included are of different sizes of barrel connectors. The cable with the blue collar is DC 5.5/2.5mm while the cable without the blue collar is DC 5.5/2.1mm. You shall use the cable with blue collar (DC5.5/2.5mm) to power up the node.

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